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The management and staff of Blue Planet Magazine are part of a large worldwide movement. Our goal is to inform and educate our readers who have or will join us in the battle against Global warming and the gradual destruction of our Blue Planet & Mother Earth.
We should all be part of this great struggle. We are united in a journey to have peace, freedom and a healthy Blue Planet. Our founder Mr.Lesniewski Johnson was born in Brazil and graduated in the prestigious ( Gewerbeshule of Freiburg in Braisgau in Germany ) he has traveled to over 60 countries and has observed the destruction of our habitat and natural recourses throughout the world. He noted that the largest and the smallest countries, all have one issue in common. They are all experiencing the same environmental and sociological issues. Mr Johnson decided to put a team of the most prestigious scientist and professionals from several areas to take on this task together. Our Main scientist is his friend Dr. Professor Alexandre Donato Gomes Aranda, who has won several international awards with his fifteen patents in the bio diesel industry. Professor Donato won the highest scientifically Award in Brazil from the hands of the Brazilian President, for his scientifical achievements.
Our goal is to get this message of Global warming, bio diversity, green living and thinking, exploration of new alternative energies to the four corners of the world.
We are passionate and committed in finding solutions for these issues, which we all should be concerned with. Our slogan is ( the power of choice ) We urge you to join us in this battle , take action now.